The following are known bugs in the CORIMP codes, (which where possible are in the process of being dealt with).

The missing detections are being revisited due to errors in the processing.

The realtime date-time stamps can be wrong by a factor of a few seconds up to tens of minutes due to problems with SOHO's clock, and this cannot be accounted for until the new calibration files are available (which takes a number of weeks). The effects on the detections and kinematics should be minimal.

Detections that occur at solar north, i.e., cross the 0/360 degree line of solar north, sometimes quote a Central Position Angle (CPA) that is approximately 180 degrees wrong.

Some movie links are missing the movie frames.

The height-time profiles undergo a cleaning algorithm that removes outliers, but in some cases creates erroneous gaps in the derived velocity and acceleration profiles.

The realtime mass estimates are currently missing (coming soon).